Travel & Care



At Naomi Rose, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products to our customers. As such, all of our bouquets and buttonholes are made to order and collected directly from us on the day of the event for optimal freshness.


Once the flowers have left our care, we cannot be held responsible for how they are received at the other end.

If you would like to arrange your own courier, we cannot accept any responsibility for how the items are received.

How To Travel Your Bouquets and Buttonholes

Each item is carefully packaged and secured to ensure safe transport. We give care instructions upon collection.

We recommend that you have enough space in the boot and back seat of your car to transport the items safely. 

Two elements that will damage your flowers, Heat and Wind

On hot days use your aircon whilst transporting. During Winter do not use your car heater, rug up with a jacket.

Do not leave flowers in the car. Heat and direct sunlight will damage your flowers. 

Collect the blooms and drive directly to the delivery location. 

Upon collection, we will help secure your blooms into the vehicle for the safest travels. Please do not have a car full of other props or items.

"Precious cargo on board" It goes without saying that reckless driving may cause damage. 

How To Care For Your Blooms

We take all necessary precautions to ensure the flowers are transported and last throughout the day/night, but please read the care instructions carefully.

Each bouquet is packaged with a water source and sprayed with a florist spray which locks in the moisture. This ensures the flowers will last the night. We have never had any issues in all the 15 years and you shouldn't if the care instructions are followed.

Getting Ready

Once delivered keep flowers in a cool room away from direct sunlight. 

Do not put flowers inside a food fridge, food fridges are set too cold and will burn the blooms

Cold days- you will be getting ready with the heating on. Keep your flowers in the coolest room such as a bathroom.

Hot days- Keep flowers cool with the air conditioning on in the room and out of direct sunlight.

Photographers know how to gently place flowers for the getting-ready detail shots. Place them back into the boxes and water source.

Transporting To The Venues

Tip: Use the travel boxes to safely transport the flowers, however from here we see lots of our bridal parties hold them whilst they travel into the venues.

Buttonholes + Corsages

The men's buttonhole is worn on the left lapel of your jacket or left side near the heart if only wearing a shirt with blooms facing upwards.

Women's corsages are worn on the right-hand side with blooms facing downwards.

 Walking Down The Aisle

There is usually a front and back to a bouquet. The pins on the ribbon you hold will indicate the back of your blooms. Hold your bouquet just below your navel height, loose arms and be comfortable.

The Wedding

This is where you enjoy yourself! Flowers although they are delicate wonders of nature they are also surprisingly hardy. Have fun, and hold your bouquet from lots of different angles to create amazing photographs.

Helpful Tip: Have vases on your bridal table or around your venue to place the bouquets into. You spend money on nature's amazing art forms, so use them as part of your venue decoration. Also giving them a drink of water whilst you party the night away will keep them looking amazing to enjoy the days after at home!

Home Care

To get the most out of your blooms trim the stems before placing them into the water at home. Ultra care- refresh and re-trim the stems every day.

Want To Preserve Your Blooms

Here are a few suppliers who can preserve your flowers in fun artistic ways. But ultimately get a great photo from your day and frame it on the wall. Just like the food and wine the joy lives on in your memories, video and photographs.


The bouquet is preserved in a frame 
A beautiful artwork piece created 
Preserving pieces into resin