Inspirational Ideas For Decorating Your Christmas Table

It is 2 weeks until Christmas and you may be thinking, "How am I going to decorate the table and house for Christmas this year?"

Need some inspiration?

Christmas is going to be a lot different for me this year as I am just about to welcome our first child into the world any day now. Usually I am busy making beautiful wreaths and table arrangements for clients and planning our own family decorations. But not this year!

So I have collected some pictures from my past family Christmas dinner designs. I hope they provide some ideas and inspiration.

Merry Christmas to all!! xx

Below: A modern twist with a traditional feel

I created a water source by gluing Christmas Baubles around the edge of a tray. I then placed candles in the centre and chose thin stemmed blooms to place into the baubles.

Below: A Traditional European Inspired Christmas

A real Christmas tree with a real pine and holly garland across the fireplace. Pine cones, berries and candles finished off this traditional look.

Below: A modern Swedish Christmas

I created a long free standing garland by using cardboard with wire wrapped in hessian. I then attached glass test tubes with elastic bands spaced out on both sides of the cardboard bending slightly to create movement and allow the piece to stand freely. I then used the red jell balls as the water source for the blooms in the test tubes which also gave a modern decorative twist. Filled with textured blooms in red, white and green with turnips and baubles as added interest.

For the dining table I created modern table arrangements with a Swedish vibe by using silver birch logs. I drilled dowel into the logs which I pre painted white. I then attached test tubes to the top which created the water source for the blooms creating a floating feeling.

Below: Bo Ho Ho Ho, A Swedish inspired Boho Christmas

Can you guess we have a Swedish background, my Grandfather is from Sweden so many of our Christmas' have Swedish elements of design.

The Swedish star lantern (below), baking gingerbread (Pepparkakor) and mulled wine (Glogg).

Adding a Bohemian feel I created a boho stick hanging Christmas tree wall hanging and created a suspended floral display connected by 3 suspended lanterns as the structural base.

On the dining table A lush, thick garland using holly, pine, along with different textured foliages and adding interesting elements such as cotton flowers, star pods, pine cones, berries and textured blooms. The table was set with christmas printed hessian over the napkins and timber star shapes as the name tags.

Floral arrangements made onto tarnished gold candle stands decorated the buffet tables (Smorgasbord).

Below: Bauble Garland

A garland with a twist. I made a garland using different sized baubles. I hot glued them together in sections creating movement and shape. I then placed them along the centre of the table and finished the look with fresh blooms and foliages on the day. Then used many different styles of tea light votives mixed with thin candle sticks.

Lots of textures again used here with berries, pods, and pine cones sprayed with fake snow. This is a very easy and effective way of adding that wow factor to your Christmas table.

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