Beyond The Stigma Gala

Photographer- Below Pictures by Naomi Rose. Pictures from Nicole Riseley Photography to come.

Flowers | Prop Hire | Concept Design | Styling- Naomi Rose Floral Design

DJ- Andy Ward

MC- Gabriel Rossi Comedian

Bonbonaires- Plant a seed Bonboniere

Themes- Boho vibes | Zest | Berry Tones

Colours- Pale peach, cream and pale pinks with burgundy. Zesty lemons, reds and oranges. Berry tones with pale pinks.

I designed 3 different table centre pieces for the Beyond Blue Gala.

One- Boho Vibes-a boho inspired theme where blooms flowed through a white table top stand. I wanted to use pale peaches, pinks contrasting against burgundy and green. The blooms created a mid range connecting the heights from the low and tall table designs. Amazing feather tulips, mocha Phalaenosis orchids and classic roses were the hero blooms. Fish bowl tea light candles finished off these tables.

Two- Zest- Low table arrangements placed on round mirrors with fish bowl tea light votives. I wanted to inject colour and zest. I got the inspiration from being sick with the flu and having an abundant amount of lemons and oranges. Being in season and trees flowing I decided I would use citrus as my connecting theme between my three designs. Zest was all about bright oranges, lemon yellows and reds. Cut grapefruit, oranges and lemon connected the top design back down to the table. placed on the mirrors with touches of foliage detail.

Three- Berry Tones- Mounted on tall white square stands with mirror base I wanted to create levels through the room. I chose berry tones with citrus tones to tie in the over all citrus theme. Tall pillar candles adorned with cut citrus and foliage detailing brought the blooms back down to table level.

When Christina contacted me asking if I would like to donate to the Beyond the Stigma gala, I was more than happy to because depression is such an important cause and because I myself, have suffered from depression.

Today I want to talk to you about how we don’t have to let depression rule our lives. It can be beaten.

To give you a quick snap shot- Depression runs in my family. At my lowest point I felt helpless, I was lost and I had no direction in my life. Suicide came into my thoughts and I could not picture myself getting old on this Earth. I was a quiet, shy person with very low self esteem and low confidence. I used to blame all of my misfortunes on everyone else. I felt this way despite having accessed counseling and medication.

Fast forward 15 years- I have found direction in my life. I am now happily married with our first child on the way, due in December. (We are expecting a little girl) And of this year, I am medication free!

I have found my true passion in floristry. It is the perfect blend of my interests and skills, combining my artistic talents and visual merchandising background, using florals as my medium.

I set up my own successful floral design business 3 years ago. I specialise in designing, creating and setting up flowers and theming for events, particularly weddings . Since then, I have built up my business, winning the Australian Bridal Industry Award for Victoria’s floral designer of the year 2016 and this year I placed a very close second. Awards aside, I just love designing and bringing my clients briefs to life. Nothing compares to seeing a happy bride and groom on their special day. I just love what I do!

These days I would say that I am a confident woman who knows who she is. I have found drive and passion and am achieving my goals and dreams.

I understand everyone’s journey is different but here are some key factors that I can share with you all of how I overcame my depression.

-1. Firstly, I surrounded myself with positive people.

I believe that certain people come into our lives for a reason.

When I met my husband, James, 9 years ago, he was such a positive influence on me and showed me not to take life too seriously. Meeting James gave me a push to try and be the best person that I could be.

I was also lucky enough to meet my friend Ian, who was a foliage supplier at the florist where I worked at the time. Ian saw something special in me and believed I had great talent. Over time, he built up my confidence, which gave me drive. He mentored me to follow my dream and start my own floral design business.

But my biggest mental changing point was when I joined a fitness boot camp. Previously, exercise was not my friend and I was far from a morning person. But once I started attending bootcamp regularly, I began to feel amazing from exercising, eating healthy and seeing results. This was more than physical though. The bootcamp environment was full of supportive, positive people and I was achieving personal goals. This is where I realised- if I can get up at 5am rain, hail or shine and push myself mentally and physically…I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Now I get up at 1.30am to go to market for flowers!

  • 2. Secondly, I consciously tried to think positive thoughts. I found projecting positivity attracts positivity.

I know this sounds cliché, but it truly works. I found that by having a “can do“ attitude and projecting positive thoughts, positive doors started opening.

  • 3. Thirdly, I set goals and visualised my dream.

Again, if you speak to elite athletes, successful actors, great leaders and entrepreneurs they would tell you the same.

By setting my goals of creating my own business and visualising this goal, the universe responded in the most amazing ways. Of course I had to act on my dreams and put in long hours and hard work.

4. Lastly, I try to practice gratitude. I deliberately take time out regularly to think about what I have in my life and be grateful for this. I also try to take time to reflect on what makes me happy. I am grateful for the people in my life that are dearest to me, the food on my table and the roof over my head. Otherwise,

it’s easy for me get caught up in my goals and dreams and lose sight of what I have today.

So, this is my message for those out there suffering from depression:

  • Take responsibility and take control of your life. As soon as you realise that this is your life and that no one has control of it except you, then and only then can you make a positive change. No amount of professional support can help you until you take ownership of your own life.

If you don’t like something in your life then change it. If you don’t like something about yourself, then change it.

What I found is that it all starts with just one step. By changing one aspect of my every day routine, I started a positive chain reaction and got to where I am today.

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