Dried flowers have been a leading Interior trend of 2019 and since Covid we have seen an influx with high demand for gorgeous ever lasting arrangements to pretty up our homes and office spaces.

When you think of dried arrangements you may reflect on images from your mum or grandmothers house of a dried up very dead looking bunch.

Today we have new technology which has brought this trend into Vouge. With new bleaching preserving technology we are spoilt with a diverse range of textures creating soft, light and airy Interior features.


Bright and bold colours are a new trend with an abundance of dyed floral choice.


It is also all about the vase with chic modern shapes, smooth matte colour tones or bohemian textures.

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Each of our arrangements are unique works of art made with love using the highest quality dried and preserved produce.


Supply for dried and preserved is in high demand and shipments of produce are limited. We can not recreate the exact arrangement. So if you are in love with one you see on our store, I would grab it while you can! 

Everlasting produce has under gone multiple processes to become everlasting. This along with high demand and shipping is why arrangements are more expensive to fresh blooms. But hey, they will last for 3 years or more!

We love creating custom pieces to match your home or office decor. Send us a picture of your space and we will provide you a quote.


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We love creating Dried Floral Installations for work spaces, studios, beauty salons and cafes.

They can be vertical or horizontal wall hangings, ceiling pieces or give us the space and let us dream up something AMAZING!

Earthy tones, white and chic or bright and bold we love to create Wow factor statement pieces.

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Provide us measurements, location and pictures for quicker quoting.

Dried Weddings

Everlasting bridal bouquets have been a trend over the last 2 years and we can see why!

The white bleached foliages create such an elegant, soft and romantic feel which compliments bridal gown detailing perfectly.

Adding dried tans really compliment the latest bohemian fashions. We love teaming these dried elements with fresh blooms to create a boho luxe feel. 

Once the freshies have died pull them out and you have an everlasting on trend keepsake for the newly wedded couples home! Win, Win!

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Left- Vanessa Rochelle

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